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Designer: Michele De Lucchi - A. NasonType: Lampada Collection: Serralunga DesignBonheur, a line of floor lamps designed by Michele De Lucchi, for exteriors and interiors.Characterized by a diffuser composed of two parts in polyethylene, made with rotational molding, and a gray painted metal structure.The opaque white color of the polymer gently...

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Designer: Raffaella Mangiarotti, Marco RavinaType: Lampada Collection: Serralunga DesignHONEYis the latest creation by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Marco Ravina for the garden furniture sector. This is a collection of modern lamps, portable lanterns that, thanks to the system of outdoor rechargeable LED lighting, can also be taken with you to places...

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Designer: Joan GasparType: Lampada Collection: Serralunga SmartThe PicNic floor lamps are characterized by strong volumes that give away the plastic sense of the material. PicNic embraces Serralunga's logic and transforms an oversize volume into an icon of modern table lamps by moving them outdoors. The solidity of PicNic, in perfect technological...

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Designer: Brian RasmussenType: Floor lampCollection: Vintage Collection Floor lamp with a vintage flavor composed of curved aluminum elements.Each element houses an E14 bulb with a silver dome that creates a reflected and indirect light. The light inside each curved element, in refraction with the external part of the same, produces a singular light-dark...

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Designer: L4BType: Floor lampCollection: Vintage by Light4 Floor lamp, chromed or golden metal structure, diffuser in pleated fabric available in white, mocha or ivory. Central elements in crystal glass handmade.

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Designer: DAA DesignType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor Lamp in borosilicate glass containing red glass grit or white pouring threads. Chromed metal structure and metal or cement base.

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Designer: Danilo De RossiType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamp in compact polyurethane resin with glossy white polyester paint. Blown glass diffuser, in glossy white.

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Designer: Leucos Design TeamType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamps with cylindrical diffuser in white satin blown glass. Brushed nickel metal structure.

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Designer: Valerio Cometti and V12 DesignType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamp in white painted metal outside and glossy red inside. Frame in glossy white painted metal.

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Designer: Marco PivaType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamp in glossy red blown glass. Red painted metal structure.

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Designer: Danilo De RossiType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamp with leaves and buds in molded and blown glass. Luminous base in white blown glass with double source and double ignition. Composition available with red leaves and green shoots.

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Designer: Works StudioType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Floor lamp, diffuser in a transparent partially white silk-screened glass plate. Chromed metal frame. Base in transparent glass.

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Designer: Riccardo GiovanettiType: Floor lampCollection: Leucos Wall lamp, frosted heat-resistant glass diffuser. Transparent heat-resistant glass frame. White painted metal.

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Designer: Style OfficeType: Table lampCollection: Murano Due by Leucos Table lamp, blown glass diffuser with hand grinding, brushed nickel metal support. Available in beige version.

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Designer: Marc SadlerType: Table lampCollection: Murano Due by Leucos Table lamp, diffuser in layered blown glass and white color. Support in polished steel.

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Designer: King & MirandaType: Floor lampCollection: iTre by Leucos Floor lamp, diffuser in transparent acrylic material, specially treated for optimal light diffusion. Frame in white or black lacquered metal.

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Designer: Mauro MarzolloType: Floor lampCollection: iTre by Leucos Floor lamp, ceramic diffuser, chromed metal frame. Available in white color.

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Designer: L4BType: Table LampCollection: ItamaCandy is a design lamp in white satin-finish blown glass with a matt white frame and double ignition. The shape recalls the classic bajour, with a rounded base, with the peculiarity of having a diffused lighting and extended to the whole body given by the frosted glass. Available in 3 sizes (Height 35cm, 55cm...

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Designer: Archivio StoricoTipologia: Table LampCollection: OVO White satin-finish incamiciato's glass. Mounting: white enamelled finish.

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Structure in fibreglass, indoor wiring DESCRIPTION Indoor Floor / wall lamp cm. 62,6×46 h. 130 max 4x100w E27

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GakuDagmar Mombach, Ingo Maurer und Team 1998Paper, metal, stainless steel, silicone, glass.

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Designer  :  Jurgen Bey Typology  :  floor lamp, H.187, D.52 Collection : Moooi Boook 2014 Year of design :  1999   

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