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Designer: Nicolas Le MoigneType: VaseCollection: Serralunga Smart Pot Au Mur is a vase designed by Nicolas Le Moigne for Serralunga, made of polyethylene. UV protection, 100% recyclable, shock resistant. It is a collection of vases to be applied to the wall, to be used in situations where you want to use the wall with a support function or to visually...

201,60 € 252,00 € -20%

Designer: Gianni Veneziano & Luciana Di VirgilioType: VaseCollection: Talenti Design vase with simple and pure lines, metal tubular structure. Available in graphite and white versions. Conical shaped container in matching color. Attention: Please contact us for information and an exact quotation for the shipment.

371,25 € 825,00 € -55%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting PotCollection: VENUS Seduction, the one Jupiter was victim of, is enclosed in the shapes of this object. The brightness of Venus flows along the contours and smoothing curves. Its glow is seductive, inviting to approach, to investigate the dark of night with different eyes. The available heights (medium, large...

135,00 € 150,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting Pot Collection: MARGHERITA With Margherita what appears at the top, as a destination, actually only marks the beginning of the trip. Margherita pot is like a perpetual flower turned to the outside world. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

328,50 € 365,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting PotCollection: TWISTER His helical climb is the tribute to the extraordinary energy of life. The glow that its light releases remembers the beating heart of a stormy soul. The incessant rotation of the tornado is crystallized in Twister so that we can admire the beauty and keep it in our living spaces....

229,50 € 255,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting Pot Collection: TAO The Male and the Female , different but indissolubly joined, as Tao’s forms. Two distinct elements which cannot exist separate. Only Tao in its wholeness can create a precious glow to give back to those who admire Tao’s silhouette. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

148,50 € 165,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: TAO Inspired by the eternal, essential force that flows through all the matter of the Universe. Tao extends in two polarities of different sign, represented by two complementary forms that are joined into a single object. The union of the two shapes creates a whole similar to a flower with two petals...

117,00 € 130,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Tall Pot Lighting SIXTY Twentyfirst,Collection: SIXTY Sixty is a big vase from the design which is rétro and yet innovative at the same time. Its game of round and square curves emphasized by the light that re-draws them make it the protagonist of the surrounding environment. Warning: Colors and dimensions have...

378,90 € 421,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting PotCollection: SAHARA Sahara is a shining figure in the night. Its fork towards the sky seems to give us a hint about where to find the beauty of our time. The environment around Sahara absorbs a new light, a rich and full brightness. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

184,50 € 205,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting PotCollection: NAïF Proud guard or kind handmaiden, the figure of this pot is expressed in all its purity with its essential lines. All around it, the light remains to wrap this shape with an aura of mystery. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

142,20 € 158,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Lighting PotCollection: MIRAGE Essentiality has materialized in Mirage, a simplicity that almost amazes us in its beauty. The illuminated version can be enriched by the use of the stainless steel plate which makes the whole structure anchored and fixed on the ground or on the pavement. Warning: Colors and dimensions...

143,10 € 159,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: HILO Hilo is the perfect combination of classic shapes with modern lines. With its soft lighting Hilo introduces its presence discreetly and politely, without imposing, but making the surrounding setting cozy and pleasant. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

135,00 € 150,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: HILO The smoothness and roundness of Hilo are an ode to classicism. One of the simplest geometrical forms, the cylinder, becomes elegance and refinement. With the lacquered colours Hilo acquires further grace and fluidity of lines, reflecting in itself the surrounding scene. A reassuring and timeless...

333,00 € 370,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Short Pot Lighting ALBORAN Twentyfirst, cm: 640x550Collection: ALBORAN Polyethylene pot of spherical shape

182,70 € 203,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: Pot Collection: CARRE As the sun with the planets, Carré is the beginning from where everything starts and orbits around. A pure light, which spreads from the base to expand into the environment, giving clean and soft lines that skim gracefully elements around it, almost caressing. Warning: Colors and dimensions have...

180,00 € 200,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: CAPRICE Polyethylene soft shapes lit planter. Its sleek form that always changes at every angle makes it an element with a strong and feisty character. The lit planter Caprice returns a play of light and shadows always different, constantly moving as its shapes. Warning: Colors and dimensions have...

198,00 € 220,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: KADABRA Kadabra is Magic, a vase holder that receives the light or its absence, embodied by a solid/void which passes through it. The coloured glares are accentuated by the carefully dressed surface. Thanks to the central opening, the figure of Kadabra rushes, becomes lighter from the construction and...

168,30 € 187,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: ShortCollection: CARRE Essential, powerful, stable. From this geometrical tranquility everything can be built. The soft shapes of Carré that come out from the surface reveal its true essence: a strong, firm, trusted soul, but devoted to the grace and to the care of the objects it houses. Warning: Colors and dimensions...

135,00 € 150,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: VENUS Love, beauty, fertility. Much more than a vase holder, Venus is a modern hymn to the divinity who embodies the mystical power of these elements and at the same time their bond with this world. The sinuous forms are familiar, they invite us while giving us a sense of warmth and peace. The dressed...

103,50 € 115,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: MARGHERITA The stem and the flower merge into a single representation. The crown shape of the petals opens the plot of the stem, within which a cozy cavity opens. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

270,00 € 300,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: TWISTERThe impressive charm of a tornado is expressed in its whirling motion. The man remains helpless in front of so much strength, but its sinuous gait shows how grace and power can be combined perfectly. Twister embodies all this, energy enhanced by precious dressed technique, the essence of the...

198,00 € 220,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: SIXTY Provocative and innocent at the same time. The shape of this object is a look at past times to see what was already looking towards the future. The well-balanced lines are interrupted by the tension of going outside, towards places to explore. Sixty is an entity characterized by well-balanced lines...

347,40 € 386,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: SAHARA Its forms push upward , ascend , seek life, air, water, light. It’s a difficult search, so much that the ways it takes are different. Shara is a design structure enriched by dressed finishes, it sets in a world more and more chaotic and wild. Warning: Colors and dimensions have differents price

153,00 € 170,00 € -10%

Designer: 21st Design LabTipologia: PotCollection: NAïF The smoothness and roundness of Hilo are an ode to classicism. One of the simplest geometrical forms, the cylinder, becomes elegance and refinement. With the lacquered colours Hilo acquires further grace and fluidity of lines, reflecting in itself the surrounding scene. A reassuring and timeless...

110,70 € 123,00 € -10%
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