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Type: Universal induction adapter Thanks to induction adapter your stoneware, coffeepot and any cooking tool is usable on the induction: an object of great utility and funcionality.

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Designer: KnIndustrieType: Cutting boardCollection: Glocal Tray made from parts of exhausted barriques. It is a barrel of oak wood, with a capacity of 250 liters used for wine fermentation or aging.With the passing of years, the barrique gives the vanilla, spicy, resinous and smoked notes to the wine.

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Designer: KnIndustrieType: Cutting boardCollection: Glocal An object with a primordial, quintessential appeal, almost the archetype of the cutting board: a simple slice of a tree trunk that retains all the tangible, substantial presence of its origins and a recess all around the perimeter that accommodates a metal band to reinforce the structure in a...

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Designer: Massimo CastagnaType: Postazione di lavoro da cucinaCollection: Glocal Another interesting project by Massimo Castagna, is the WorkstationW1, a real kitchen workstation for the kitchen counter.Made of brushed walnut, it has the function of a large cutting board and allows you to see your recipes on the tablet.

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Type: Table/desk lampCollection: BigDesign Modern table lamp with direct light that reflects the platonic solid in the shape of an icosahedron that represents the symbol of water.The lamp consists of 30 iron rods (4mm diameter), welded together, which identify the shape of this polyhedron formed by 20 regular faces. Buy your lamp online by choosing the...

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Type: Table/desk lampCollection: BigDesign Design desk lamp with direct light with recycled glass base and low consumption light bulb in support. Available in three different sizes and various colors. Logo, switch and electrical plug are always the same color. Choose this fully handcrafted design lamp for your desk or as a gift idea.

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