Plust Collection is a brand of design Made in Italy of the latest generation, elegant and innovative, which explores all possible uses of plastic in the world of design furniture.

Plust Collection, not only outdoor design

The Plust design brand logo embodies the company's mission. The T in the logo is in fact a + sign to symbolize the intention to give a new value to plastic and to unite it with design. Every Plust design furniture hides a story, a project and a name, which make it unique and fascinating. It is an Italian brand with an international reputation characterized by the production of outdoor and indoor design with a witty and sparkling taste, ideal for the furnishing of gardens and verandas, but at the same time exploitable also in interiors.

The thought, the projects, the designers, the techniques, the material, are what makes Plust Collection one of the most innovative and curious design brands on the Italian scene. The design brand was founded in 2006 by euro3plast Spa, a leading company in the creation of classic vases distributed internationally, which boasts a certified production and entirely Made in Italy.

An outdoor design born for Spas and individuals

The idea of the Plust project is to relaunch the concept of versatility: chairs, stools, tables, sofas are adaptable to both outdoor and indoor environments, a single characteristic unites them: the use of a simple but ingenious material, plastic. It is precisely the plastic construction that makes possible the multiple uses of Plust furniture products for outdoor and indoor.

Plust Collection is a must have design brand in the world of luxury Spas. Furnishing elements, such as the unmistakable Gumball Sunlounge, have furnished hundreds of spas and hotels throughout Europe. The use of coloured, light and resistant resins allows the furnishings of this brand to avoid damage due to exposure to water or sunlight.

The strength of creativity in Plust Made In Italy design

Aesthetics is one of the winning weapons of this brand, as is practicality. The modular sofa armchairs of the Atene collection are the best example of the incredible inventiveness signed Plust. Plust's Atene outdoor chairs are inspired by the colonnade of Greco-Roman architecture and can be literally combined in several compositions to create even very long and articulated sofas. A true example of the practicality of Plust products, designed to satisfy the customer's most particular needs. Custumisation, great materials of construction and extreme creativity, these are the three ingredients of the Plust recipe, which has created a real iconic brand in the world of outdoor furniture.


Designer: Alberto BrogliatoType: SunbedCollection: Gumball Outdoor sunbed ideal for the garden or relaxation areas, such as swimming pools, spas, resorts, spas. The backrest is adjustable allowing greater comfort. Discover and combine all the products of the Plust Gumball family

561,51 € 623,90 € -10%

Designer: Alberto BrogliatoType: SofaCollection: Gumball The Gumball collection is enriched with this 2-3-seater sofa, with a soft and enveloping line, which integrates with the other table / container and sun lounger components, all suitable for outdoor use.Available in bright version. The soft light contributes to creating a welcoming atmosphere and...

561,50 € 623,89 € -10%

Designer: Alberto BrogliatoTypology: SeatCollection: Gumball Armchair with an ergonomic and enveloping shape, particularly suitable for recreational settings, it is available in different variants: in lacquered material or in a luminous version.The soft light contributes to creating a welcoming atmosphere and particularly suitable for public and contract...

200,00 € 250,00 € -20%

Designer: Form Us With LoveType: Dining tableCollection: Fura The new Fura dining table is chic, minimal, versatile and is suitable for celebrating moments of conviviality. In a luminous version it is versatile and adaptable to any context of style and taste, thanks also to the LED lighting kit equipped with a battery, which eliminates the power cables...

242,37 € 269,30 € -10%

Designer: Form Us With LoveTypology: TableCollection: Fura Totemic table combined with the “Fura Stool” stool.The conical base allows good stability and the HPL top makes it a long-lasting product, easy to clean and suitable for any bar or venue in indoor and outdoor settings. Discover and combine the other products of the Fura family

195,20 € 216,89 € -10%

Designer: Form Us With LoveTypology: StoolCollection: Fura Stool with a clean and essential line, whose linearity is interrupted by a recess for the accommodation of the feet, which recalls the cut of the processing of a trunk, "Fura" in Swedish for the note.On the back a handle facilitates the movement of the stool which is completed by the coordinated...

85,50 € 95,00 € -10%

Designer: Valerio SommellaType: Chaise LongueCollection: Atene Cot, with reclining back, proposes the classicism of the Atene family from which it inherits the name and the important cylindrical legs. Upholstery fabric cushion suitable for indoor / outdoor use: 100% Sunbrella® acrylicPadding 100% Silicone coatedQuilt supported by a draining insert in...

666,00 € 740,00 € -10%

Designer: Valerio SommellaType: Coffee tableCollection: Atene Coffee table that matches and completes the “Atene” furniture family. The HPL support surface is fixed on the polyethylene base structure. Discover and combine the other products of the family Atene Plust

277,82 € 308,69 € -10%

Designer: Valerio SommellaTypology: Corner SeatCollection: Atene Angular element suitable to be placed at the ends of a linear composition, in order to create a sofa of variable dimensions. Comfortable modular enveloping armchair inspired by the colonnade of Greek-Roman architecture, complete with a soft cushion, perfect for both indoor and outdoor...

238,50 € 265,00 € -10%

Designer: Valerio SommellaTypology: SeatCollection: Atene Comfortable modular enveloping armchair inspired by the colonnade of Greek-Roman architecture, complete with a soft cushion, perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments.The legs are the key element that characterizes and unites every element of the "Atene Family" system. Discover and combine...

212,00 € 265,00 € -20%

Designer: Odo FioravantiTypology: TableCollection: ArmillariaCentral base table in rotomoulded molded polyethylene.Combined with a top in different materials and finishes, it takes on ever new styles and connotations.

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Designer: Odo FioravantiTypology: StoolCollection: Armillaria Armillaria Stool is a stool made in rotomoulding, available in various colors and particularly suitable for public and contract spaces.

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