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A designer table makes any room unforgettable. That's why many people choose a table that bears a unique and recognizable signature for the furniture of their living room or office. How to find an original table without spending a lot of money? Relying on certified design outlets like Italian Design Outlet is the first thing to do to start your ...

A designer table makes any room unforgettable. That's why many people choose a table that bears a unique and recognizable signature for the furniture of their living room or office. How to find an original table without spending a lot of money? Relying on certified design outlets like Italian Design Outlet is the first thing to do to start your search!

Whether you want a large dining table or an elegant office table, in our e-commerce you will find only designer furniture at exceptional prices for your home. We'll give you all the advice you need to choose the right design table to suit your specific needs from our many models.

How to choose the right design table for your living room?

Living room furniture requires a number of considerations for which we have dedicated a special FAQ. If you're looking for a table for your living room, you'll first need to think about the size you need. Will you use that table mainly for meals? Do you often receive guests? Do you have a large family or live alone? These are some important considerations that may lead you to choose a very small or very large table.

If you are looking for a small desk table, the table with chairs from the Maxalto collection is suitable for those looking for a quiet corner to write or receive guests. In the same wake, for lovers of originality we find the movement of polypropylene ropes in the Org table of the Cappellini collection. Would you like a really impressive dining table in your room? The lunch table from the Sag80 collection with its oak wood will guarantee you the best mix of quality, durability and design for your dining room.

How to choose an outdoor design table?

Garden furniture often includes the choice of an outdoor table. If you are looking for a designer table for your garden you will need to carefully consider the measurements. You can opt for a small model with bright colors and strong character as the folding table Roy from the Talenti collection and signed Roberto Serio, which can be combined with the very nice garden chairs Pretty and Smart. Or for very large garden tables like the Ready extending table in steel and nanoceramic designed by Roberto Serio.

The golden middle ground exists: these are the extendable tables. In our selection you can also find extendable tables, ideal for those who always want to have a couple of extra seats for their guests! An example is the essential outdoor design table Cloud from the Talenti collection, which can be combined with Havana chairs. Perfect for the outdoor environment, minimalist and very easy to keep clean in outdoor. With its graphite and dove grey double colour and exceptional price, this steel and nanoceramic table is suitable for any type of garden.

What are the best design tables for the studio?

The furnishing of a studio can vary according to your work and the activities you usually carry out in your office. You can opt for small side console tables, such as Pathos from the Maxalto collection alongside comfortable Puffs.

To receive your clients and work daily, you will need a study table as big as the Greeny from the Bonaldo collection, signed Gino Carollo. This simple but elegant table consists of a solid walnut wood base and an authentic crystal top: character, refinement and design.

How to choose the right size for a table in your home?

If you are looking for a table to furnish a room you will first have to ask yourself if you need a small design table or a big table. To understand this, simply ask yourself what you will use your table for and how much space you have available.

Help yourself with some paper tape and mark on the floor the measurements of your hypothetical table in its environment. This way you'll be clear about the size of the table you're looking for.

Here is an overview of the average size of a design table based on the number of guests or diners:

  • Dimensions for the seat of 4 people: 

round table: diameter 77 cm
square table: 80 cm x 80 cm
rectangular table: 90 cm x 130 cm

  • Dimensions for the seat of 6 people:

round table: 114 cm
rectangular table: 90 cm x 160 cm

Choose a round or rectangular design table?

Since the time of King Arthur, the importance of the round table has been emphasised. In fact, a round table has many advantages:

  • The total absence of edges that risk hurting young children in particular.
  • The round table allows all diners to develop a dialogue at equal distance, guaranteeing an equal relationship. 
  • It has only one central leg, which makes the round table very comfortable at the bottom. 

Rectangular tables, however, also have some unforgettable advantages, in fact a rectangular or square table:

  • It can be arranged well in different sizes and in different rooms, adapting perfectly to the squaring of the rooms.
  • Many rectangular tables can be extended, which means they are more versatile for guests.

Wooden, glass or...crystal table?

The materials of the designer tables can be truly varied. From the great classics in glass or wood, to luxurious crystal tables or innovative wicker fibre steel tables like Ibiza from the Talenti collection.

The surrounding environment is crucial in choosing the right material for your table. A wooden furniture can harmonize very well with either a wooden table or a crystal table, while a modern style furniture will also love varnished steel tables. Always choose a material that is comfortable and suitable for your use: a glass table is perfect in the office, but can be impractical in the dining room.

Why buy a designer table online?

Buying a designer table online allows you to choose from many different designs at discounted prices. The e-commerce is a practical portal where we show all our products with their characteristics and sizes. For years we have relied only on the best couriers to ensure fast and smooth shipping. With Italian Design Outlet you can furnish your home online, without any need to lift weights or move between different stores looking for the right table for you.

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Designer: Paolo GrasselliTypology: Outdoor tableCollection: Atoll Luminous table Atollo by Modoluce has an electrolytic treatment and polyester-based paints which makes it very resistant and suitable for outdoor use.Structure and top in painted metal, diffuser in white polyethylene.

1 304,00 € 1 630,00 € -20%

Designer: Form Us With LoveType: Dining tableCollection: Fura The new Fura dining table is chic, minimal, versatile and is suitable for celebrating moments of conviviality. In a luminous version it is versatile and adaptable to any context of style and taste, thanks also to the LED lighting kit equipped with a battery, which eliminates the power cables...

242,37 € 269,30 € -10%

Designer: Form Us With LoveTypology: TableCollection: Fura Totemic table combined with the “Fura Stool” stool.The conical base allows good stability and the HPL top makes it a long-lasting product, easy to clean and suitable for any bar or venue in indoor and outdoor settings. Discover and combine the other products of the Fura family

195,20 € 216,89 € -10%

Designer: Valerio SommellaType: Coffee tableCollection: Atene Coffee table that matches and completes the “Atene” furniture family. The HPL support surface is fixed on the polyethylene base structure. Discover and combine the other products of the family Atene Plust

277,82 € 308,69 € -10%

Designer: Odo FioravantiTypology: TableCollection: ArmillariaCentral base table in rotomoulded molded polyethylene.Combined with a top in different materials and finishes, it takes on ever new styles and connotations.

175,50 € 195,00 € -10%

166,60 € 238,00 € -30%

Designer: Calvi & BrambillaType: TableCollection: Design Banquété is a modern table with a Minimal language, designed by Calvi & Brambilla for the Serralunga brand and proposed in two versions. The particular motif of the frame is made of rotomoulded polyethylene available in white and its geometric shape creates a play of symmetrical and...

1 904,00 € 2 380,00 € -20%

PRODUCT OUT OF CATALOGDesigner: Maurizio PeregalliType: TableCollection: Zeus 2000 Small table suitable for two people, designed by Maurizio Peregalli. Structure in 20x30mm square tube of silver painted stainless steel, top 10mm thick in white Carrara marble. Essential lines that highlight the natural character of the top, ideal for modern environments.

495,00 € 900,00 € -45%

PRODUCT OUT OF CATALOGDesigner: Maurizio PeregalliType: TableCollection: Zeus 2000 Wheeling is a table mounted on braking wheels. The removable steel angular structure (40x40x5mm) is painted with silver-colored epoxy powders; the top with rounded corners is in extra-clear etched crystal glass and rests on the structure, 10mm thick. Designed by Maurizio...

715,00 € 1 300,00 € -45%

Designer: Karim RashidType: Extensible TableCollection: Talenti Extendable table in steel treated in nanoceramics, cataphoresis and powder painting. Ideal for outdoor use, it has a decoration made by laser cutting, it can be totally disassembled and is excellent for transport or moving. Available in white color. Ideal combination with the Flip and Float...

585,00 € 1 300,00 € -55%

Designer: Gino CarolloType: TableCollection: Bonaldo Greeny is a table composed of a solid wood base available in American walnut and an oval-shaped top made of transparent glass. Pure and essential lines.

2 301,60 € 3 836,00 € -40%

Designer: Roberto PaoliType: TableCollection: Bonaldo Cop is a design table characterized by an opaque brass painted metal base and a rectangular black etched glass top with rounded corners.

2 546,40 € 4 244,00 € -40%

Designer: Technical Department TalentiType: TableCollection: Talenti Outdoor dining table, feet and structure in aluminum painted to match the fiber, covering in wicker fiber (Pollypel fiber (HDPE)) resistant to atmospheric agents, tempered glass top in matching color. Available in dark or white version. Attention: Please contact us for information and an...

122,85 € 273,00 € -55%

Designer: Technical Department TalentiType: Outdoor TableCollection: Talenti Garden table with a modern design, square shape, Curvy is characterized by a steel structure treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating, to withstand atmospheric agents and UV rays. It is available in the dove gray variant. Combinable with Curvy chairs for sale on...

82,35 € 183,00 € -55%

Designer: Roberto SerioType: Outdoor tableCollection: Talenti Extendable table with structure and top in steel treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and white paint. Ideal for outdoor and weather resistant. It is recommended to combine the Ready extending table with the Dream garden chair. Attention: Please contact us for information and an exact quotation...

504,90 € 1 122,00 € -55%

Designer: Roberto SerioType: Outdoor TableCollection: Talenti Outdoor folding table in steel treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating, available in various colors and in rectangular, square and round shapes. The Roy collection, designed by designer Roberto Serio, is characterized by its practicality, functionality and simplicity. Can be...

68,49 € 152,20 € -55%

Designer: Talenti Design StudioType: Outdoor TableCollection: Talenti Extendable table in steel treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating. Ideal for outdoor, available in two sizes and two colors: graphite and taupe. The essential and decisive design allows the tables in the Cloud collection to adapt to different spaces and environments....

411,75 € 915,00 € -55%

Typology: Lunch tableCollection: Sag80Able gray oak  Black base Marquinia Dimension: cm 240x110x H.75

3 640,00 € 4 000,00 € -9%

Designer: antonio citterioTypology: low tablesCollection: maxaltoYear:2014 available in rectangular and round versions, the top surface resembles a tray that sits on the structure. The absence of sharp edges softens its shape, as do the shellac finishes, giving more depth to the surfaces. Their qualities will shine through in most settings, even when...

1 626,07 € 2 322,95 € -30%

Designer: Antonio CitterioTipology: ConsolleCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2003  Eos functions as a console, as well as a room partition .

3 621,77 € 5 659,02 € -36%

Designer: Antonio CitterioTipologia:  Armchair and ConsolleCollezione:  Maxalto Composition:1x Armchair Lazy '05 Maxalto 1x Consolle Eileen Maxalto

2 476,93 € 3 810,66 € -35%

Designer: Antonio CitterioTipology: Table and chairCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2005 Composition:1x Chair Febo maxalto 1x Table Max maxalto

3 485,63 € 5 051,64 € -31%

Designer: Antonio CitterioTypology: TablesCollection: MaxaltoYear: 2001 The max table marked by elegant lines and a strong personality is an icon of the maxalto collection. Its distinguishing element, the supporting structure with x-shaped legs, is available in the finishes bronze, bright chromed, nickel and black. 

Design Enrico Cesana A project born from the formal research and the high-design. Structure is in metal sheet. Table tops and coffee tables made of MDF matt or glossy lacquered as per technical sheet.Color Dark Grey RAL 7005 cm. 43 h.58

459,00 € 612,00 € -25%
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