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A designer stool can be the furnishing element you are looking for to enhance your environment. The stools of our brands are designed for different uses, in the online catalog you can find both stools for kitchen peninsulas, coffee table stools and outdoor stools.

With Italian Design Outlet you will know you are buying a piece of design at an ou...

A designer stool can be the furnishing element you are looking for to enhance your environment. The stools of our brands are designed for different uses, in the online catalog you can find both stools for kitchen peninsulas, coffee table stools and outdoor stools.

With Italian Design Outlet you will know you are buying a piece of design at an outlet cost, because for years we have been dealing with discounts related to the products of the furniture world. If you are looking for high quality furniture and the right discounts you are in the right store for you!

Which are the most original design stools for peninsula?

A stool for the kitchen or bar peninsula must be comfortable and functional. It will probably be used in everyday meals, so it is essential to be careful when choosing a high quality material. Bonaldo's Lei Hi stool has all the features of a perfect designer peninsula stool. Its steel frame with chrome-plated base gives it strength and stability. The moka and anthracite colors are designed to allow an immediate match with the largest number of environments, while the comfortable seat with backrest will give you maximum comfort in your breakfast.

If you want to leave your guests speechless, do not miss the Ribbon stool by Cappellini in sheet metal. Available in both low and high version, this special stool creates a game of movement and colors that will not go unnoticed.

How to combine a low design stool with a coffee table?

Matching a stool with the right design table is easily done. All design houses make not only stools, but also matching tables and coffee tables. In our store you will always find tables that match our stools. Often in the description of the stool itself you will find the suggestion for the right accessory table. For example, the Fura Stool Plust outdoor chairs are unthinkable, but they can be combined with the very refined table of the same collection, the Fura Table. With a very original design, this set seems indivisible, with lines that trace the workings of a tree trunk.

Which models of low design stools do I find online?

The design low stools are ideal for outdoor or indoor environments depending on the model. Among the most original low design outdoor stools, we present the Splash stool from B-line. Available in a variety of sparkling colours such as red, green, purple and light blue, this stool owes its original shape to a drop of water. It is a design object that can be turned upside down and reused as a vase for flowers and plants.

If you are looking for a low interior stool, the design element Annabella by Zeus will surprise you. The colors of this upholstered seat are chosen to harmonize perfectly with the environment giving a touch of liveliness. The removable structure, will allow you to keep them always clean and use them daily in your living room or study.

How to choose the right color for your designer stools?

A design furniture is never monotonous. Choosing the right color for your furniture can be a challenge, but you don't have to be too afraid to dare with colors out of the chorus. A sparkling, colorful design element can give a room a new lease of life, but don't overdo it with the amount of color. Choose a single color that emerges from the background inside your room and make the appropriate combinations.

Why buy a designer stool online?

Buying design furniture online can save you a lot of money. Our store has been offering the best Italian furniture online at an outlet price for years. We carefully choose the best brands in the design world and try to offer them at the lowest price on the market: you will find discounts of up to 50% on our products.

We will ship the goods to your home with fast and certified couriers, so you don't have to worry about transport. Start furnishing your home from home, your showcase is Italian Design Outlet!


Designer: Form Us With LoveTypology: StoolCollection: Fura Stool with a clean and essential line, whose linearity is interrupted by a recess for the accommodation of the feet, which recalls the cut of the processing of a trunk, "Fura" in Swedish for the note.On the back a handle facilitates the movement of the stool which is completed by the coordinated...

85,50 € 95,00 € -10%

Designer: Odo FioravantiTypology: StoolCollection: Armillaria Armillaria Stool is a stool made in rotomoulding, available in various colors and particularly suitable for public and contract spaces.

99,00 € 110,00 € -10%

Designer: Kristian AusTypology: StoolCollection: Splash A stool inspired by the shape of a raindrop, Splash makes a comfortable seat which, when turned upside down, can be used as a large-capacity vase or container. Made of rotomoulded polyethylene.

110,60 € 158,00 € -30%

Designer: Matthias DemackerTypology: StoolCollection: IconThis stool features rigorous lines and clean-cut corners that recall the folds used to make paper origami designs. Stackable and made entirely from non-scratch painted aluminium.

452,20 € 646,00 € -30%

Designer: Karim RashidTypology: StoolCollection: Woopy This stool providing high seating, backrest and armrests features smooth flowing lines. Made of rotomoulded polyethylene, it also comes complete with a chromium-plated tube that serves as a footrest

242,90 € 347,00 € -30%

PRODUCT OUT OF CATALOGDesigner: Andreas BrandoliniType: StoolCollection: Zeus 1998 Pair of low stools with silver painted steel structure, upholstered seat with elastic removable fabric covering available in alcantara blue and light plum colors. Items are sold in pairs.

308,00 € 560,00 € -45%

PRODUCT OUT OF CATALOGDesigner: Claudio NardiType: StoolCollection: Zeus 1990 Three-leg stool with conical steel structure painted with silver-colored epoxy powders, seat in solid mahogany stained alder or natural. Available in two different heights.

154,00 € 280,00 € -45%

Designer: Dondoli and PocciType: StoolCollection: Bonaldo Lei hi is part of a collection full of formal and color variations; is a stool with steel structure and chromed base. The shell is offered in glossy polypropylene in mocha or anthracite colors.An image that gives value to the technical dimension and to the functionality of the object.

438,00 € 730,00 € -40%

Designer: Karim RashidType: StoolCollection: Bonaldo Skipping is a swivel stool with a height-adjustable seat thanks to a gas piston perfectly inserted into the chromed steel structure. The padding is in polyurethane; the upholstery is available in black frosted leather. Designed by the famous Karim Rashid to design original environments, characterized by...

423,60 € 706,00 € -40%

Designer: Oki SatoTypology: Stool, blackCollection: CappelliniYear: 2007Series of high and low stools, realized in metal laser-cut plate, folded up and matt lacquered 

555,90 € 654,00 € -15%
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