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Type: Square recessedCollection: Recessed The linear design of Maxi Bild, which integrates into the space, creates a decisive and delicate light that enhances the purity of the forms. Indoor recessed luminaire in Coral® for installation on plasterboard or brick ceilings. Synthesis of efficiency and elegance, Maxi Bild allows infinite design solutions: a...

217,50 € 271,87 € -20%

Type: Rectangular recessed luminaire with triple light sourceCollection: Recessed Tetris, a rectangular recessed indoor luminaire with triple AirCoral® light source. Designed for installation in plasterboard ceilings with adjustable visible mechanics. The light, emanated from three 50mm rearward sources, fits perfectly within the architectural project in...

144,07 € 180,09 € -20%

Type: Recessed spotlightCollection: Argo Recessed ceiling fixture featuring a wide range of fixed and adjustable optics and frames. Particularly suitable for the illumination of environments and sensitive objects, thanks to its sources without infrared and ultraviolet rays. Attention: the projectors can be sold WITH or WITHOUT a lamp. Features: + Body and...

2,48 € 3,30 € -25%

Designer: Toso, Massari and AssociatesType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Recessed lamp in white satin crystal glass with transparent crystal tip.

70,50 € 94,00 € -25%

72,00 € 96,00 € -25%

Designer: Roberto PamioType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Ceiling lamp, in frosted glass, available in transparent crystal color.

63,75 € 85,00 € -25%

Designer: Leucos Design TeamType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Recessed lamp, partially frosted crystal glass diffuser. Metal frame. Available in glossy yellow and light blue versions.

87,00 € 116,00 € -25%

Designer: Anny Talli NencioniType: Ceiling and recessed lampCollection: Leucos Ceiling and recessed lamp, crystal glass diffuser worked entirely by hand. Chromed metal frame.

24,75 € 33,00 € -25%

Designer: Style Office by Aureliano TosoType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Ceiling lamp in polished crystal blown glass. Satin-finished metal frame.

19,50 € 26,00 € -25%

Designer: Style OfficeType: Recessed lampCollection: iTre by Leucos Direct light dichroic built-in lamp, pressed and frosted crystal glass diffuser, white color. Galvanized metal frame.

95,20 € 136,00 € -30%

Designer: Carlo NasonType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Dichroic recessed lamp with direct light or incandescent. Galvanized metal frame. Pressed glass diffuser available in satin white or colorless gloss.

63,70 € 91,00 € -30%

Designer: Mauro MarzolloType: Recessed lampCollection: Leucos Recessed halogen lamp, painted galvanized metal support, diffuser available in the colorless glossy crystal, satin white or satinized aquamarine.

60,20 € 86,00 € -30%
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