Lamp/Table SWAP Twentyfirst

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Designer: CrousCalogero
Tipologia: Lamp/Table
Collection: SWAP   

Upside - down polyethylene Lamp


900,00 € tax incl.

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Designer: CrousCalogero
Tipologia: Lamp/Table
Collection: SWAP   

Lamp or small table? Upside-down

In its common position SWAP is a lamp that works perfectly by itself, next to a chair or a sun bed, and serves as a small table to put a book, a coffee or a glass onto. Placed upside down, SWAP works as a standing high table and a comfortable support for catering service or to have a drink during a party.

Dimension: cm: 2009x500




  • Polished: Neutral, Green, Orange, Purple
  • Lacquered: Black, Red, White, Cream

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