Totem/Armchair Lighting SERENO Twentyfirst

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Designer: Moredesign
Tipologia: Totem/Armchair Lighting SERENO Twentyfirst, cm: 1485x100
Collection: SERENO   

Totem, statue, armchair


Attention: We only accept orders not less than 4 units.

342,00 € tax incl.


380,00 € tax incl.

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Designer: Moredesign
Tipologia: Totem/Armchair Lighting SERENO Twentyfirst, cm: 1485x100
Collection: SERENO   

Moredesign has designed a true sculpture for Twentyfirst. It is an original large format chair that completes the line of thinking that created Beato pouf and Pacifico coffee table. Sereno has the same anthropomorphic lines of the pouf and the table but with a spacious and comfortable seat. It is perfect for a cocktail outdoors, and becomes the ideal conversation spot, where you can enjoy the magical night-time ambiance of the beach. Sereno is “artwork” that is utilized to rethink and reinvent the surrounding landscaping. With it you get a message of peace, meditation and protection; its lines are designed with innovative materials and technologies but with the spirit of ancient and mysterious times. 

Attention: We only accept orders not less than 4 units.

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