Chair Smart Talenti

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Designer: Roberto Serio
Type: Chair
Collection: Talenti

Folding chair for outdoor, structure in steel treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating. Available in yellow and apple green.

The Smart chair is part of the Take Away collection, created for a young and trendy audience that loves versatile and glamorous lines. Smart can be combined with the Pretty chair or the Roy folding table.

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69,00 € tax incl.

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Designer: Roberto Serio
Type: Chair
Collection: Talenti

Folding chair for outdoor, structure in steel treated in nanoceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating. Available in yellow and apple green.

The Smart chair is part of the Take Away collection, created for a young and trendy audience that loves versatile and glamorous lines. Smart can be combined with the Pretty chair or the Roy folding table.

Technical information:

Dimension: Width 40cm X Depth 46cm X Height 81cm.
Color: Yellow or Green Apple.

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