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The garden furniture cannot be left to chance. For those looking for a great personality outdoor décor, design décor is the perfect solution. Outdoor tables, sofas and garden chairs can make your environment truly unique in the eyes of your guests, but how to furnish a garden at its best?

To answer this question it is not enough a few lines, for...

The garden furniture cannot be left to chance. For those looking for a great personality outdoor décor, design décor is the perfect solution. Outdoor tables, sofas and garden chairs can make your environment truly unique in the eyes of your guests, but how to furnish a garden at its best?

To answer this question it is not enough a few lines, for this reason we have thought of an FAQ of questions and answers for our users. You can create a design décor in your garden that blends perfectly with the size and size of your corner of paradise!

How to furnish a small garden?

Furnishing a small garden,it is easier said than done! A small garden should not be too cluttered with large armchairs and sofas. So great minimal design décor can be the perfect solution. Exclude spacious sofas and focus on outdoor chairs with coffee tables, such as the Bay Chair Serralunga.

With its minimal and clean design it will guarantee you a unique style thanks to the signature of Raffaella Mangiarotti. The large seat comfortably envelops those who use it and the material is specially designed to withstand UV rays and be 100% recyclable.

Tips for furnishing a large garden

The furnishingof a large garden is a real challenge, because it is essential to create harmony between the different outdoor environments of the house. In order to build an excellent interlocking in different environments, Valerio Sommella created the outdoor sofa composable with Athens Armchair Plust. These small and comfortable outdoor armchairs that can be set up to form a sofa, combined with the practical table, are ideal for very spacious environments. The Fioriera Tuttisuperterra next to the Athens station will not fail to amaze your guests!

A large garden often has a refreshment point for outdoor lunches and dinners. In this case you will need a spacious table and a comfortable chair for meals. The Cloud extendable table and dream chair from the Talenti are designed for those who want to sit down for lunch in their own garden. The extendable table will allow you to invite friends and family without fear of being left without a seat, and impalpable chairs will give a touch of sophistication to your environment. Don't underestimate the importance of an outdoor lamp for your garden, so you can take advantage of your furniture even in the evening hours.

How to furnish a garden for little?

Do you want a design décor at an outlet price? You're on the right site. With our products in the catalog you can furnish your garden with the best signatures in the world of design without spending a capital. In our catalog you can find discounted products of up to 50%, because we specialize in the discounting of furniture and furniture.

With the practical drop-down menu you can choose in what order to view the products and you can always find our offers labeled in view. Relying on used garden décor can prove to be a bad choice over time, buying a new and design product you will know that you have created a unique and durable décor for your home.

Why buy garden furniture online?

Gardenfurniture can be purchased conveniently online from your home. In fact, we have created a practical e-commerce able to always offer fast and guaranteed shipments for our customers. You can always view the measurements and features in detail of the product you are buying and you can then take measurements in relation to your spaces.

Buying a product online for home furnishings often solves the problem of transport: sofas, tables, chairs are bulky elements, requiring a special shipment. We have been relying on the best companies for this job for years, precisely because we specialize in online sales. On our online design furniture store you can find competitive prices and the guarantee of fast and safe shipments for your products.

How to arrange outdoor lamps in the garden?

Outdoor lighting is essential if you want to enjoy your garden even at sunset. Outdoor lights enhance the garden, so it is important to arrange them in the right places. Passing areas and meeting points – such as relaxation areas – must have enough light to give you a comfortable atmosphere on summer evenings. There are minimal and very cheap inground driveway lamps, such as the Arcluce and Short Lamps, both ideal for pedestrian areas, pool edges, and spa gardens. If you want to illuminate your garden with clearly visible light areas with a 365° emission, you can choose between an outdoor lamp with soft lines such as Klou180 from the Arcluce collection or a more square element such as the Gothic180 lamp from the same Arcluce house.

If you are looking for an elegant solution to accompany your outdoor design sofa,we recommend the Picnic outdoor lamp from the Serralunga collection, unmistakable classic design and soft lines. Finally, the choice of outdoor farets is great for lighting poolside areas or for spots such as fountains and statues inside the garden.

Where to buy garden furniture online?

If you are looking for garden furniture that lasts over time and that is of quality you are in the right place. Italian Design Outlet has been providing the best design elements to homes, hotels and spas throughout Italy for years. In our e-commerce you will find garden and interior décor products of the best design signatures at an unbeatable price.

You will receive your furniture from the comfort of your home, without having to move and take care of the transport. We only process quality products at an outlet price,which last for a long time, because they are created with the best materials on the market. Contact us for more information about one of our products!

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