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Designer: Nicola Gallizia
Tipology: Kitchen
Collection: INDada
Year: 2002

A system of subtraction distinguishes clearly formal elements from functionally suitable components. This project helps rediscover “the richness of simplicity”.
"INDada is renewed with a sophisticated, modern look that introduces new finishes and materials which are in harmony with Molteni&C.
Shapes, materials, colours and new details matched in infinite compositions to build a unique, personalised style and a design concept that is a poetic exercise in style."


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Designer: Nicola Gallizia
Tipology: Kitchen
Collection: INDada

A modern and sophisticated look for the renewed INDada kitchen. The concept of INDada project is “the richness of simplicity”. A subtraction path identifies formally clear and functionally suitable elements. Shapes, materials, colors and new details that combined in their infinite configurations create a unique and tailor made style, a project plan, a poetic academic exercise. A fine tuning of few but definite words that compose thousands of stories where everyone can find his own expression that speaks of his personality, style, attitudes and dreams.


  • bilaminated cocoa oak suspended base units doors, teak and pewter Bond handles 
  • laminated anthracite plaster worktop - 015 lighting system pewter rail, pewter shelves and iPad shelf 
  • Momento containers, pewter and mirror, with clock door 
  • bilaminated anthracite plaster wall units 
  • bilaminated copper columns 
  • Modulor oval table, ceramic with calacatta finishing top and pewter structure

Handles:Iconic handles and new handles provide different possibilities for opening drawers, doors and columns in addition to finger recesses and mechanical or electric push-pull opening systems

Lighting System 015:

Technological innovation and versatility: these are the features of the Lighting System 015, the element that increases customisation options in the kitchen.
The Lighting System 015 in pewter finish, fitted between the worktop and the wall units, offers practical support for technological tools (like a tablet) and traditional tools, and flanks the Momento wall units.


  • Wall columns cm.180x60x215h 
  • Peninsula size cm.240x120 prof x90h