The name of the design brand Lucos has its roots in ancient Greek, lèuco,or white. Its name contains the mission of this company, for fifty years at the service of lighting.


Leucos, a design brand always true to quality

With a cutting-edge business vision, Leucos is now an established name among Italian design brands. Its origins start in romantic Venice, from an ancient glassware that already gave life to lamps. Today, style, technology and sustainability have become the pillars of this great Venetian design house. Ceiling lamps, ceiling lights, lampshades,tableampade: any light source signed Leucos is a guarantee.

A design brand,which produces not only designfurniture, but real art settings. Over time many signatures of the world of furniture have followed one another, sometimes making history. Leucos, has always remained faithful to the craftsmanship of great tradition, transforming itself at the same time into a dynamic reality, with a philosophical desire for research for the new. Innovative materials, avant-garde design,with a touch of history and tradition, this is the recipe for success that has accompanied this Italian design brand for decades.

The liveliness of designer lamps is the lifeblood of the company

Since 2015 Leucoshas created a new project, Rara Res, an Italian holding company led by Riccardo Candotti that explains in these terms the birth of the new company: "Creating value in the world of lighting thanks to the contribution of passionate collaborators, oriented to "well being" and "well-living", promoting the best Italian lifestyle for a new quality of light and life".

It is in this spirit that Leucos have never stopped surprising our customers. Among the models that have become undisputed best sellers, some recall the origin of the company and its close relationship with glass. These are the births of the Alba PL ceilinglamp, a real object of art created with hand-worked and blown glass with multicolored murrine. Thanks to the murrine, this lamp, unique in its Venetian flavor, creates a real triumph of colors in your furnishings. Other models show us the incredible versatility of this design brand, such as the Eghoor floor lamp,which returns to make blown glass shine on a futuristic, minimal and ironic design.

The JJ lamp Leucos, story of an icon

The JJ Leucostable lamp has become a true icon of lighting design,first among the table lamps with the ingenious spring-balanced arm, the JJ owes its name to Jac Jacobsen, who designed it in 1937. Leucos this real eternal ally of reading with a seductive and ergonomic shape. The big version, The Great JJ available in our store, is one of the most contemporary and beloved variations of this timeless best seller.

Discover the lamps Leucos among the design brands of Italian Design Outlet

In the catalog of products forthe design furniture of our e-commerce you will find many lamps Leucos, divided into special subcategories. We have a large array of wall lamps, floor lamps and bedside lights created by this innovative design house. You can find the best prices on the market in our store, because we are an outlet specializedin design furniture! For years we have relied only on high quality Made in Italy brands to offer a refined and irreplaceable product at a discounted price.

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