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Typology :      mattress, isolated spring, cm. 170 x 200 x 20h

Flou mattresses are appreciated by the clientele for their long-lasting comfort and their ergonomic support.
These features depend on the quality of the materials and the way they are assembled.
Flou has always employed the very highest technology standards in conjunction with artisan care.

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Typology :    mattress, isolated spring, cm. 170 x 200 x 20h

The high concentration of springs (almost twice as many as found in a traditional mattress) is the main feature of these mattresses.Springs are available in a three-zone version and for adjustable bases as well; each spring is sealed in a single pouch allowing it to be compressed in proportion to the specific pressure exerted by the body thus ensuring the correct support for the vertebral column.Moreover, the autonomous movement of each spring has been designed to provide perfect anatomic adaptability and maximum comfort.The Flou mattress with isolated springs has been specially designed so that the back will maintain a perfectly straight position under localized body pressure on the springs


3 areas extrasoftIsolated springs- 775 springs in the double size bed 170x200 split as follows: at the head 250 non-tempered springs, central area 275 tempered springs (stiffer), at the foot 250 non-tempered springs.

cover :  complete with handles, treated with Teflon®.