Flowerpot Airplant Teracrea

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Designer: Marion Pierret
Typology: Flowerpot
Year: 2014

Airplant is a steel wire hanging mount designed to take air plants known as Tillandsias. 

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Designer: Marion Pierret
Typology: Flowerpot
Collection: Teracrea
Year: 2014

Airplant is a steel wire hanging mount designed to take air plants known as Tillandsias. Each element contains two hooks and can be hung from the ceiling; several elements can be joined to create a curtain of greenery. Tillandsias are easy plants to grow and keep in your home as they live on the moisture and dust in the air. Because of this property, studies have been carried out with the aim of using these plants as organic indicators of air pollution.

Technical Information:
  • Material : Steel and ABS
  • Dimension: cm. 16Lx104H

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