Flowerpot TV Teracrea (with light)

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Designer: Fabio Bortolani
Typology: Frame-flowerpot
Collection: Teracrea
Anno: 2014

TV is a square frame to display greenery, with a U-shaped component containing earth, to hang from a wall. 

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Designer: Fabio Bortolani
Typology: Frame-flowerpot
Anno: 2014

TV is a square frame to display greenery, with a U-shaped component containing earth, to hang from a wall. This is a new concept of vase, a multifunctional object,that by means of a low-voltage neon-tube which is positioned in the upper inner side of the frame, allows the object to become a container of greenery as well as a lamp, that can be hang up in different domestic areas or in public and office space adding aestetical value

Technical Information_

  • Material : Rotational moulding
  • Dimension: cm. 110 x 14 x 60h
  • Weigh: 5 kg
  • Colours : White, light grey, green
  • Internal fluorescent tube

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